Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Busky Boys!

 There are only three boys at home now, the other three pups have gone to their new homes already.  Boy, I'll tell ya though, these guys are playful enough to make up for the three that aren't here!
They love attention, love to be held, and *love* to play. :)
(Pawnee is spoken for, but Choctaw and Apache are still available!)
She so patient with them!
Pawnee (spoken for)
My skirt is evidently the best thing to chew on.
Our big fella, Choctaw.


Choctaw, right now anyway, is the most laid-back of the bunch.

He does not like sitting still for pictures!
How many big heads can we fit in this food bowl... Two, two is the limit.
Watching with enthusiasm our bantam rooster, William Wallace.

Cutie pie. :)

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