Beagle + Husky = Buskies!

My younger brother and I have been breeding full-blooded beagles since 2011, but not too long ago we saw some pictures of Husky/Beagle mixes and thought they were so adorable! So when my older brother got a Siberian Husky, we decided to give 'Buskies' a try!  Our first Busky litter was born in September of '16, and we were thrilled with every aspect! Nika, our husky, was a TERRIFIC mama!  The puppies were all very healthy and strong, and we didn't have any trouble at all finding great homes for all of them.  We loved how very unique each pup was, and it was so exciting to watch them grow and change. 
See what I mean?!  All so beautifully unique!
(1st litter)
(2nd litter)

On this page I will also post photos their new owners send me -
which we absolutely LOVE receiving!

~Ruckus~ (formerly Cherokee)
"I was lucky enough to pick out one of your busky puppies who went by the name of Cherokee.  I couldn't be happier with him. His new name is Ruckus and he has brought all kinds of excitement and love into the house. I know his adopted brother loves having him around and they are always playing and cuddling. Thank you again for the sale of this little fuzzy bundle of joy."

~Atlas Nyx~ (formerly Sioux)

"Just wanted to send you a little update on Sioux. She is now known as Atlas Nyx. She's growing beautifully! She's a untamed spirit for sure. She's incredibly goofy, and overflowing with personality. We are so happy that we have added her to our family. She's getting along with our other dog really well, and just about plays with anyone at the dog park, she doesn't know a single stranger.  Thank you so much again!"

 ~Floyd & Wilbur~ (Formerly Denali & Yukon)

 ~Merlin~ (Formerly Kodiak)
“He is so wonderful!!!  Such a sweet pup!!!  Him and our other puppy are playing well together and he slept all the way home!!!  So surprising. :)  Thank u so much for helping us find our new fur friend!”

“Merlin is so great!!!  He is so smart and so sweet!!! :)   He SLEPT through is shots at the vet!  So crazy.  Didn’t whine one bit and loves riding in the car!”

NEW pictures of Merlin (at 9mo old)!

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