Saturday, December 23, 2017

Busky pups!

These precious darlings will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! <3 

Ruby! The one and only girl! She's probably the feistiest one out of the litter.  - spoken for.

Boxer - spoken for.

Frosty - such a cutie pie. 
Buzz - spoken for.
He's a pretty chill pup.

Little Roo! - spoken for.

Cuties watching while I tried to take Rex's picture.

Rex. He's a little on the timid side (but I guess his personality is fitting with his name (those of you familiar with Rex on Toy Story (which is not why he was named Rex) will understand. ) and didn't want to 'pose' for me...

So he got held.

Fozzie - I love his markings! - spoken for.