Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tacy's Puppies ~ Almost Seven weeks old!

Almost seven weeks old means these guys are about to start going to their new homes! 
Which means I needed 'final' pictures of all of them. <3  So this morning a grabbed a trusty assistant and headed out to snap these. 
Bentley - I've always been fond of his striking good looks. ;)
Scion - He has such a great personality!  And I absolutely love his long, soft coat!
Ferrari - He's a little sweetheart and loves to be held.
Lagonda - She is definitely one of our prettiest puppies, but is a little timid like her Mama. :)
Siata - This picture captures her personality well!  She is a very curious little girl and oh so playful!
Tesla - Last, but certainly not least.  She looks like she is going to be tall like her Mama, and personality-wise she's a good mixture of playful and cuddly. :)
Tesla visiting with Cinco and our Siberian Husky, Nika.
Siata chewing, or attempting to chew, on my boot.