Monday, June 6, 2016

Six Weeks Old!

Kaci - she is very sweet and one of the more laid back pups in this batch (spoken for).
She also the most ticked!
Maci - goodness, what a big personality she has!  She is *very* playful and loves attention. :) (spoken for)
 And darling little Laci!  I adore her petite build and loving personality! (spoken for)

Killian - He's definitely a little bit of a Mama's boy. ;) (spoken for)
And by his build it looks like he going to grow into one handsome fella!
Sweet Kiera - don't let her docile appearance fool you for a second!  She is very playful and outgoing, and loves to be held. :)
Kella - I would use the word 'spunky' to describe her... Very lovable, but somewhat independent at the same time. :) (spoken for)
And Kallie, she's such a sweetheart! (spoken for)