Satisfied Puppy Owners

"Update on Carolina, she's doing great!  Thanks again!"
~Nitro~ (formerly York)
Does my heart good to see my pups living such great lives with their new families!

~Evie~ (formerly Sassafras)

"We purchased Evie from you back in April of this year. I just wanted to update you about her! She's precious and spoiled ROTTEN! She loves her brother and sister Rambo & Sugar (cats). She's now 8 months and full of life and energy! She fits in so perfect with our family."
(formerly Colorado)

"Snickers is adjusting nicely and loving his new home!"
(formerly Sterling)

"He's just loving life!"

"We absolutely adore him! Thank you so much for our new addition!"
~Lili~ (formerly Samia)

New pictures of Lili!

~Gracie~ (formerly Freedom)
"Gracie is a year old now and doing so well!!  She’s the best thing that ever happened to our family and we would love to adopt a little sister for her!"

“Best puppy ever!!!  Thank you so much for Freedom aka Gracie!!!  We love her!! :)”
(formerly Bentley)

(formerly Jade)

~Ruckus~ (formerly Worf)
~Shiloh~ (formerly Ferrari)

~Bentley~ (formerly Onyx)
Bentley is from our September 2015 litter.
~Cooper~ (formerly Geordi)
Cooper is from our March 2015 litter.
~Beethoven~ (formerly Azalea)
"Beethoven is such a sweetheart! Our kids adore her."

Beethoven is from our April 2015 litter.

"We are all enjoying Rosie. She loves playing with her best friend, Oreo, our lab.
She loves all people and everyone we meet immediately thinks she is soooo cute/sweet/adorable."
Rosie is from our April 2015 litter.
"Spruce turns 2 months tomorrow and he is the most hyper, energetic, talkative, sweetheart of a dog! He has definitely grown up into a spunky little boy. I am so happy with him!"
Spruce is from our April 2015 litter.
~Halo~ (formerly Octavian)

We were so happy when we found out Halo was getting to go to a home with a little boy!  Last we heard they seem to be thoroughly enjoying each other!

Halo is from our October 2014 litter.

~Rettly~ (formerly Napoleon)

~Toby & Miky~ (formerly Chester & Lafayette)

Looks like they are playing 'tug-a-war' with their new owners pant leg. :)
These guys are from both our August 2014 litters.
Toby & Miky on December 14th, 2014
~Maggie~ (formerly Marietta)
A very happy little girl and her puppy!
She is from one of our August 2014 litters.
~Trixie~ (formerly Sonoma)
Isn't she just beautiful?!
She is from one of our April 2014 litters.
~Baleigh~ (formerly Sierra)
She is from one of our April 2014 litters.

"Baleigh and the family.  We are definitely happy customers.  Baleigh is a joy to our family.  She is great with the children and loves our other dog."
Growing up and just as handsome as ever!
He is from one of our April 2014 litters.
 ~Sofia~ (formerly Miata)
She is from one of our April 2014 litters.

~Wayland & Toby~ (formerly Blazer & Charger)
We were blessed to have both these fellas go to the same great home!
They are from one of our April 2014 litters.

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