Friday, May 27, 2016

Pictures of our newest pups

I've had a lot going on this past month, hence why I am just now getting around to posting pictures of our recent litters!  They are four weeks old now - and so sweet and playful!  Belle's were born on April 24th, and Buttercup's were born just two days later on the 26th.  Belle's three little girls are named Kaci, Maci, & Laci.  And Buttercup's four little darlings are named Killian, Kallie, Kiera, and Kella.
Kaci - she is the most ticked out of the seven.
This is Maci - she looks like her Daddy!
And this is Laci - she is very petite and built like her Mama.
This is Killian - our one and only male! 
Kallie - she has a very sweet personality.
Sam sweet talking Kiera in attempts to get her to cooperate for the pictures...

She much preferred to be held instead of pose. ;)
And sweet little Kella <3.